Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into”.

 ~ Wayne Dyer

This is one of my favourite quotes from Wayne Dyer because it gets to the heart that everything in the Universe is in the form of energy.

All things in our physical world consist of energy, including money.  Even thinking is a form of energy.  All creation is a result of intentional thoughts, which when expressed through feelings, emotions and actions can manifest your reality.

Ultimately, your thoughts and emotions, positive or negative, create your own reality—from the invisible to the visible.

In fact, no one else can create your own experience.  You have the freedom to choose and deliberately create the life experience you want right now.

The subject of manifesting has always attracted interest and became more popular with the 2006 film, The Secret.  The movie focused on the Law of Attraction as a starting point for manifesting our heart`s desires.

I refer to the Law of Attraction as a starting point because there are many other Universal Laws that have existed since the beginning of time (e.g., The Law of Gravity – what goes up must come down and The Law of Cause and Effect, or “karma,” are examples of other Universal Laws).

To set you up for success to manifest your heart`s desire in your finances, business and life, here are the seven major Universal Laws that govern prosperity and abundance.

Law of Abundance – Abundance is your natural state.  Noticing the abundance you already have in your life enables you to receive more.  The opposite is also true.  By noticing what you do not have, you attract more scarcity.

Law of Attraction – Everything that you have and experience in your life is affected by this law.  When you think of positive things in your life and feel the positive emotions associated, the process of having more positive experiences is accelerated.  This is enhanced when you express gratitude for all that you already have.

The Law of Attraction tends to be misunderstood, in that it is not a universal supply-and-delivery store.  It is a dynamic tool to help you match the vibration and energ of what you want to create and experience in your life, as like attracts like.

It is not enough to simply think and say what you want and then do nothing else to achieve it.  You must be an active participant in co-creating it.  There is no creation without action.

Law of Manifestation – Manifestation is the ability to create something into reality in your life.  The Law of Manifestation works in combination with the Law of Attraction by creating a magnet and drawing the energy of what you are focusing on to you.  Therefore, it is important to change the old beliefs that no longer serve and focus on the positive outcomes that you want to bring into your life.

Law of Unlimited Thinking – Positive thinking is not a new concept.  It impacts our reality, health and well-being.   A key aspect of manifesting is your willingness and ability to let go of thinking and feeling that you are lacking or missing something in your business or life.  Instead, take time to feel grateful for what you have already brought into your world.

Law of Intention – Attaining what you desire first starts with setting a clear intention.  The clearer you are about your intention, combined with taking focused action to make it a reality, the more you can accelerate your desired outcome more quickly.

The reason why most people do not get what they want is that they are not clear and specific about what it is that they really do want.

Law of Nonattachment – Surrendering and releasing your attachment to getting the exact outcome you desire can be challenging. However, detaching yourself from the outcome or controlling the “how” is a critical element of manifesting your desire. 

Law of Giving and Receiving – This Law demonstrates the flow of energy exchange.  When you give what you seek, you are keeping the flow of abundance circulating in your life.

The beauty of giving is that it creates a vacuum and opportunity to receive.  An elegant aspect of giving and receiving is that in truth, you are really also giving to yourself.  The act of giving to others does not deplete your own supply.

So dear reader, what do you want to manifest?  What one specific Universal Law do you want act on today to begin manifesting your heart`s desire?

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