Have you ever experienced the saying “we can find inspiration in the most unlikely places”?

I recently experienced this…And it was a wonderful and unexpected surprise.

My husband is an avid Rolling Stones fan and has gone to many of their concerts.  For years I suggested other people he can go with to the concerts as my proxy.

A few weeks ago, I finally ran out of people to send in my place, so off we headed to the US to attend their concert.  What surprised me is that I had a great time. They are excellent in concert (worth the experience!).

I believe that there’s a gift in every situation, and this situation was no exception.

As an entrepreneur, I continuously expand my vision and belief in the grandest possibilities. I also help my clients to do the same.

With this in mind, here are three important lessons that I learned from the Rolling Stones concert:

The first lesson is as I looked around at the packed stadium of approximately 80,000 people, I was struck by how many people Mick Jagger and the group get to serve through their passion of music.

Here’s a photo of a silhouette of Mick Jagger at the edge of the stage surrounded by a sea of fans.   Mick

Then I thought…Wow, I’d love to serve this and many more entrepreneurs through my work.  I was instantly inspired!

Depending on your business model or the type of services you provide, you may or may not have an opportunity to see first-hand the many lives you touch through your work…as well as the ripple effect that it produces.

The second lesson is that there’s a special magic that happens when passion, talent and destiny come together.  While it looks effortless, the truth is it takes persistence, tenacity, devotion and diligent work to become a lasting success.  There are no overnight sensations.

The third lesson is that when you love what you do, it feels like play.  And that’s when more wealth and abundance can flow to you because your vibration is pure and elevated.

It is so evident that they love what they do and live for it.  The Rolling Stones are a great example of following your dreams and staying true to yourself no matter what!

What I have shared are all important lessons that can be easily adapted to your own entrepreneurial journey.

So what about you, dear reader, how many people do you want to reach and serve through your work?


What image do you want to hold that represents the ripple effect and difference you want to make in the world through your business?

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