The title of this article may seem surprising or even strange.  That is, you may be thinking, “How can I have a relationship with money, when money is an inanimate object?”

Well, actually you have a unique relationship with money. And like it or not, you are in a relationship with anything that preoccupies your time, thoughts and actions, as is the case with money.

In fact, the longest relationship that you will have in life is firstly the relationship you have with yourself, and secondly, the relationship you have with money.

The reality is that money is vital in the world in order to survive, thrive and live a quality life.  Money impacts every area of your daily life and affects the decisions you make in your business and life.

Furthermore, money and profits are crucial to any business because without it, you cease to exist as a viable enterprise.  You also miss the opportunity of sharing your talents, reaching and helping many people and creating a ripple effect while making a meaningful difference.

Therefore, taking time to nurture a loving relationship with money is very important because it is a key first step to achieving wealth and prosperity, as well tapping into your innermost dreams and desires.

Let me ask you this:  If money was your best friend, how would you treat it? 

You may be surprised to learn that money likes to be paid attention to.  It loves to be appreciated, respected, counted, spent, spoken highly of, accumulated, be in flow, exchanged and received.

Money also likes to be around people who are powerful, respectful, who take action, and are open to giving and receiving it.  However, what happens often is that we do the opposite—we complain about money or hold onto it, limit its flow, speak about money in negative ways or ignore it altogether.

Since money likes attention and wants to be treated with the same high integrity that you have in your relationships, here are five simple tips (i.e. back to the basics) to help you nurture your relationship with money, and therefore increase your money integrity and the flow of money into your business and life.

Tip 1:   Track all the money that comes into your life in addition to your income including gift cards, birthday money and more.  This also includes your partner’s income, bonuses, gifts, etc. because it is all part of your life.

Tip 2:  Track your spending to get an accurate picture of your profit and loss, and where you are overspending.

Tip 3: Shift your mindset to accept that you alone are responsible for your financial success and results in your business and life.

An example of taking responsibility with money includes addressing debt.  There is good debt versus bad debt.

Good debt, for example, can relate to creating debt as part of training and education, which is a necessary expense to develop your expertise.  Investing in yourself and in your growth is always a good investment.  However, you must be sure to have a clear plan, end date and schedule in place for repaying it in full.  And consistently apply it.

Tip 4: Clean up any money areas that you may have neglected, such as late payments you missed, as well as late payments owed to you by clients or customers, repaying a friend or a relative, etc.

Tip 5: Pay yourself first because this is part of putting yourself first.  It surprises me how many women entrepreneurs do not consistently pay themselves. No matter the amount, it is important to pay yourself first.  Remember that this action is also about concretely demonstrating that you are honoring yourself and your self-worth.

So dear reader, what about you, what one specific action can you take to nurture a more loving and harmonious relationship with your money?

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Meriflor Toneatto, the Millionaire Difference Makers™ Mentor, is creator of the Millionaire Difference Makers™ Path for Meriflor Photovisionary women entrepreneurs.

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She is a former executive who managed 8-figure public sector budgets that created major initiatives for social impact.

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