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Are you down playing your successes?

"Success Leaves Clues." I have observed something very interesting about accomplished and talented women entrepreneurs. The observation is this — when we are transitioning into entrepreneurship or stepping up into the next level of our business success and growth, we tend to forget about our strengths, skills, talents and previous successes.  Furthermore, we may even [...]

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Are you too attached to your desires?

One of my favorite movies is called, Under the Tuscan Sun, starring Diane Lane.  Some may dismiss it as a “chick flick” as it falls under the romantic comedy genre.  I for one believe that there are some great lessons to be learned from the movie.  I am sharing one of those lessons with you [...]

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Have You Answered the Call?

“A Woman in harmony with her spirit is like a river-flowing.  She goes where she will without pretense and arrives at her destination prepared to be herself and only herself.”  ~ Maya Angelou When women decide to become a business owner and entrepreneur, it’s not something that we take likely.  This is because our business [...]

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Are your money beliefs running your income?

Mindset plays a big role in your experiences. Everything starts with mindset. Your mindset influences your beliefs and actions. Other words used to describe mindset include beliefs, thoughts, viewpoint, paradigm, mentality and attitudes. In fact, I like to refer to mindset as the “prelude to action” because your mindset is the driving force behind your [...]

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My interview on women and money

I recently had the honor of being interviewed by Holly Buchanan, Author and Founder of Market and Sell to Women. She interviewed me about my book, Money, Manifestation & Miracles.  Here's the article: If you’ve ever spent time around women, you know they are constantly talking about their relationships. Women share all sorts of details [...]

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Have More Income & Impact in Your Business and Life

Excerpt from my book, Money, Manifestation & Miracles: 8 Holistic Principles for Transforming Women's Relationship with Money...Click Here and learn more... ....I believe that there are no coincidences in life.  Everything unfolds at the precise moment and at the right time. Likewise, it is no coincidence that I felt guided to write this book to [...]

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Are you really playing big in your business?

What does playing big in your business mean to you?  And what does it look like? It can look different for each individual.  However, for many playing big often means that they are willing to become more visible, take risks, build their courage muscles and take action beyond their comfort zone in order to realize [...]

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