Mindset plays a big role in your experiences. Everything starts with mindset. Your mindset influences your beliefs and actions. Other words used to describe mindset include beliefs, thoughts, viewpoint, paradigm, mentality and attitudes.

In fact, I like to refer to mindset as the “prelude to action” because your mindset is the driving force behind your decisions.Woman with question marks

Whether your “state of mind” is fixed or open to change is the critical link to what you will experience in your external world. Your mind is constantly monitoring and interpreting every moment of your experience.

This is the case for all of us. We look for clues in our external world to match our existing assumptions and belief systems. This applies to every area of your life, including your mindset regarding money.

There are many beliefs held by both women and men regarding money that originate from childhood, social conditioning and life experiences. More often than not these beliefs come from a place of lack, rather than from abundance.

For women entrepreneurs, I have found four key money beliefs that can hold them back from moving to the next level of their income and business.o

Money Belief #1 – “It’s not about the money. I just want to help lots of people.” I often hear this from heart-centred women in business.

There is an underlying belief that making more money is selfish, greedy and/or not spiritual. Often the result is that they are under earning and over-giving in their business, which can lead to burnout and resentment.

If this is the case for you, it is vital to understand that you have an opportunity to help many more people and be of greater service when you have money. Making more money in your business automatically enables you to reach more people. It is a synergistic flow.

Money provides you with more choices to fuel the movement you are passionate about creating; to enjoy a better quality of life for you and your family; and to fund your social promise by contributing to your favorite cause, as an example.

Money Belief #2 – “I have to have everything in place before I get out there in a big way.” This concept is closely tied to being a perfectionist and becoming distracted with needing to get more training or obtaining more credentials first before fully stepping up in your business, promoting yourself, being more visible and being a leader.

Money Belief #3 – “I can’t make more than I did in my previous position.” This is particularly the case for women have experienced a high level of success in their past corporate jobs. This was also the case for me.

There is an underlying assumption that they may not be able to repeat their previous standard of achievement. The internal dialogue includes “what if I fail”? or “what will people think of me?” In some cases, they have created a threshold or ceiling for themselves and they can’t exceed it.

In truth, as an entrepreneur, you have an opportunity to make more money than ever before. This can happen when you are willing to give yourself permission to make more, and when you are willing to break free of your limiting, self-sabotaging beliefs.

Money Belief #4 – “My clients won’t pay that much.” If this is the case for you, this belief stems from some form of under valuing yourself, your skills, and the value and benefits you provide, which can prevent you from charging and getting paid what you’re worth. This can be a non-productive cycle that can impact your self-confidence.

The reality is it’s not our place to make decisions for someone else. When you are aligned and empowered with who you are and the value and transformation you provide, your ideal clients will be those who also value the investment they are making in themselves through working with you, in order to prioritize accomplishing their goals and dreams.

So, dear reader, what about you? Did you recognize yourself in any of these scenarios?

If so, take heart. Here are some tips to keep in mind.

First, you can be spiritual and rich at the same. You can have both. You don’t have to choose.

Second, it’s very important to surround yourself in an environment of excellence with like-minded people who are successful and wealthy because this will help to motivate you. They can also serve as role models, demonstrating that you can have it too.

Third, give yourself permission to fully show up and play a much “bigger game” in your business. One way to accomplish this is by choosing to shift your money mindset and beliefs to one that is more empowering. Remember, you have the power of choice at any given moment.