I love it when synchronicities happen. Do you love them too? And especially when the very thing you are talking about appears right before you or is reinforced and occurs in real time.

To demonstrate what I mean is that recently, I had a VIP Lunch with a client. Like many women, she is a natural nurturer and giver.

In addition to being an accomplished and successful woman in business, she is on the go taking care of her husband, children, pets, relatives, friends and many others. This pattern has gone on for years so it’s become a habit which her family and friends expect from her.

And then the moment happens when her kids leave for school and she is faced with the “empty nest”. This is what my client is experiencing. This has forced her to reassess her next chapter and her passion as she knows there’s so much more for her to experience.

As she talked about her experience, it was evident that her cup was “depleted”. I noted this to her and talked about how it’s time to focus on filling her own cup.

And the beauty of this example is that the Universe responded immediately by reinforcing what I was saying.

We sat at a private corner, so it was a pleasant surprise when “on cue” our server immediately brought her another full glass of water Fill Cupwithout being asked or even hearing about our conversation.

He did so right at the exact time we were talking about her filling her cup. Talk about synchronicity! She was gobsmacked when she made the connection.

Here’s a photo of the glasses because I just couldn’t resist anchoring that moment for her that the time is now to fill her own cup first before doing so for others. This is akin to the instructions on a plane to put on your own oxygen mask first before helping others.

The synchronicity was perfect! Of course, this is a metaphor for self-care.

Self-care is really about self-love. This is something that we need to remind ourselves of as women. And some more than others. Self-love is the foundation and entryway to being at your best and most powerful self.

Self-love is a deep appreciation of who you are right now, including respecting and honoring time for yourself and your needs. When you are committed to loving yourself, a positive flow occurs. You will make better choices, be happier and you can attract the right circumstances in your business and life.

If this resonates for you, here is an important tip to help you fill your own cup.

The tip is…”Put Yourself First”. This is a practice of being “self-fulfilled,” rather than being “selfish.”

When you commit to taking care of yourself and putting your needs at the top of the priority list, you will begin to experience positive changes personally and professionally, and so will those around you. This is because you are operating at your best.

Putting yourself first can include scheduling uninterrupted “alone time” for reflection. It can include time for meditating, being still, and getting in touch with your emotions. It can also include some time for pampering.

Whichever way you choose to express it, the key is to make it a priority and habit. After all, you cannot give something that you do not have.

So what about you dear reader, what one specific action can you take right now to start filling your own cup?

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